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I signed up 3 in a 3-day period. All I did was write and send a personal email letting them know that I have associated myself with a 7-year-old established RX company that sells prescription drugs through an internet auction process. I included my website URL so they could research it and I sent links to a Fox News report and a webinar done by the BidForMyMeds team. They all three "got it" and signed up immediately. Two of three called to tell me that they had signed up without my help. Yikes!

We as a family have been purchasing Med's for my Dad and the cost was really adding up. One particular drug, Donepezil that treats memory loss and mental changes retail was $419 for 60 day supply. We purchased a Walgreen's discount plan which brought the price down to $135.98! We considered this a GREAT SAVINGS... That is until we checked the price out at Bid For My Meds. The savings was incredible... We can now purchase that same medicine for $7.10!